Guy Dumangin

France, Champagne


Champagne Guy Dumangin is 13 generations and more than a century of know-how and Champagne experience. Our vineyard, located in Chigny les Roses on the slopes of the mountain of Reims, is mostly classified 1er cru. It is with pleasure that we welcome you to show you around our cellars, our press and our winery. During your visit, you will also be able to taste our cuvées, all made from different blends of the 3 Champagne grape varieties: Chardonnay, Pinot-noir, Pinot-meunier.

In the 17th century, the Dumangin family was already cultivating the vines without however transforming the grapes into champagne. Today is the 5th generation of winemaker. Having acquired for more over a hundred years the fundamentals of Champagne vinification. We can thus affirm that the Guy Dumangin house and champagne have a common history of several centuries.

From vine to champagne
It is after several months and various works (pruning, tying, disbudding, trellising…) that the month of September is synonymous with harvest.
From the harvest, begins our second profession: winemaking. Carefully pressed grapes produce a juice which after alcoholic fermentation becomes wine.
The wine matured in vats for 7 to 8 months will then be bottled to provoke "the taking of mousse". It is this second fermentation in the bottle that will truly give birth to Champagne.
After a long aging in our cellars: from 2 to 3 years, (sometimes more for the vintages), the Champagne is finally mature.
The disgorging which consists in extracting the deposit which formed during the fermentation; the dosage which consists in slightly sweetening the champagne (brut or semi-dry) and the final corkering with a cork stopper are the main final operations.
After these different operations, the champagne will still refine for several months before you taste it.

We welcome you to share our story and taste our differents Champagnes.



1000 HL per year
Max. production
No sample
2 boxes
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