The team and the dream

We believe by serving others, we succeed together

The dream and the team

For years we had a dream. What if we could support wine growers to improve their business and secure their future? What if we could help them to present their unique products to a bigger audience, with admiration and respect for their craftsmanship?

As catering professionals for over 16 years, we know how hard it is to constantly deliver high quality and deal with external circumstances. We understand the challenge to keep faith in the future and remain passionate about your trade. Especially in this turbulent Corona situation, which effects us all.

And now, we are here and live! Ready to move forward and make a difference!

This platform has been developed with a great team, all of them with their own expertise and fully committed to get the job done. And we are really proud of what we achieved so far. Now it’s time to take the next steps, to move fast forward and succeed together!

  • Bas Voerman / founder and business development
  • Nathalie Versluis / founder, sales and support
  • Miriam Oostdijk / project management and planning
  • Luc Franken / customer experience and app development
  • Bart Rauh / platform development and programming
  • Ion Baaijens / platform development and programming
  • Erwin Sommers / graphic designs and illustrations
  • Stan van Dijk / marketing management and analytics
  • Hidde van Dongen / marketing execution and social media
  • Ben van de Sande / brand strategy and concepts

How we work

We love to create happiness. By delightful hospitality and offering the good things in live. By sharing stories and having a great time with friends over fantastic food and nice drinks. But not only for the fun side of it, we also use our drive and experience to inspire and facilitate others to help them move forward in their business. Here’s how we do this:

We believe in progress. In getting things done, no matter what. That’s why we support chasing dreams, developing talents and skills, tackling challenges and accomplishing goals.


We know there’s no single truth. So, we listen, digest, adopt and learn by keeping an open mind for different thoughts and alternative approaches. But we can’t be bought and will always stay true to our roots, our nature and our values.


We prefer to build long term relationships. Therefore we not only behave as humans, it’s also our way of doing business. Based on trust, fair play, friendliness and loyalty, with a generous shot of humour.


Alone you will move faster, together you will go further. So we cooperate and share our knowledge, our passion and our time with fellow believers in the collective cause.


We are confident about what we can establish. Over the last years, our agile getting-things-done-mentality has resulted in a track record to be proud of. This legacy strengthens our faith when it comes to keeping promises and delivering the good stuff.


Last but not least, we love to celebrate success together. There's no better way to build great relationships and enjoy the result of hard work.


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